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Accelerated Path Program (K-8)


  • The Accelerated Path Program is available to advanced students in grades K-8, which allows them to complete a grade level at a faster pace; see "Example Schedule of an Accelerated Path Student" below. 

  • Acceptance into the Accelerated Path Program is per the counselor’s review and approval based on the student's skills. 

  • If you have already re-enrolled for the upcoming school year:

  • Contact your student's counselor to request that your student be considered for the Accelerated Path Program

  • If you have not yet re-enrolled for the upcoming school year:

  • Add a note in the re-enrollment form that you would like your student to be considered for the Accelerated Path Program

Example Schedule of an Accelerated Path Student

  • Grade 4

  • August - January

  • Grade 5

  • January - June

Tuition and Re-Enrollment Fee

  • Families should factor in that when their student is enrolled in the Accelerated Path Program the annual tuition is paid more frequently than being enrolled in the standard program. For example, if a student completes three school years (grades 4-6) in two calendar years, three year's worth of tuition must be paid within two years.

  • Standard tuition (excluding unique situations such as a summer school extension) at Enlightium Academy is not based on how many months the student has access to the curriculum but instead based on the student's grade level and teacher support package. This means that the same tuition will apply for a student in the Accelerated Program as a student who not in the Accelerated Program

  • Standard tuition discounts are available for students in the Accelerated Program such as prepayment discounts and multi-student discounts.

  • Between each grade level, a re-enrollment fee must be paid.

Items to Keep in Mind

  • Students enrolled in the Accelerated Path Program:

  • May not receive report cards at the end of their customized quarter/semester end dates, but instead alongside the standard school schedule's release of report cards.

  • Are not recommended to take the Iowa Complete annual assessment through Enlightium as that assessment is assigned based on the number of school days that the standard student would have completed. Students in grades 3-8 may instead take the IXL assessment (which does not fulfill a state's standardized assessment requirement), or students in grades PreK-8 may take an assessment locally (which may fulfill a state's standardized assessment requirement).

  • May be recommended to not take multiple advanced courses (such as honors and AP courses) and/or more than the standard coursework assigned to students (such as multiple electives). This is due to the shorter time period in which the student needs to complete their core courses.

  • Should have at least one year's experience at Enlightium Academy. Additionally, students entering grade 3 begin learning on the Ignitia platform, which may require a learning curve that should be factored into the decision to apply for the Accelerated Path Program.

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