Enlightium Academy Support

Diamond Support (Grades 3-12)

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Sapphire Live 
Grade Levels3-123-123-9
Enlightium Teacher Support
Standard Teacher / Student Messaging Response Times*Max 2 Hours
Max 1 Hour
Max 1 Hour
Teacher Grading Response Times*Less Than 72 HoursAverage 24 HoursLess Than 24 Hours
Teacher Support via PhoneStandardPriorityPriority
Teacher Support via Whiteboard/Screenshare per month2 HoursUnlimited**Unlimited**
Live Sessions
Invited to attend live sessionsInvited to attend live sessions
N/A (Sapphire Live includes live daily instruction) different curriculum
Five Core Courses; Select Honor Courses; Select NCAA Approved High School Courses; 100+ Electives Across All Grade Levels; Dual Enrollment (DE) Courses; Standard World Languages; Customized Projects
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses$250/Credit
Creative Kids Acting$650/Semester or $1,250/YearStudents may take up to 1.0 credit at no additional charge.Students may take up to 1.0 credit at no additional charge.
Offline World Languages ✔****✔****✔****
Annual Assessments in Quarter 4
Upgrade or Downgrade Support Package
Graduation Fee$150 ($200 for international families)
Summer School Extension of school year***$500N/A
Early Start for the new school year10-25% IncreaseN/A
English Language Learner Program
Mission Program$150/Semester or $250/Year
Student Orientation; Parent Orientation; Record-Keeping; Progress Reports; Report Cards/Transcripts; Customer Service/Technical Support; Social Events; Invitation to the Live Graduation Ceremony; Naviance
Accredited Diploma
TuitionSee Gold TuitionSee Diamond Tuition 

*During Office Hours (8am – 7pm EST)

**Teachers work to help students become successful independent learners. Teaching is twofold: primarily it helps students comprehend academic concepts in order to master material and secondarily it fosters independent growth within students. Students will take ownership of their education to be more independent learners.

***Summer Extension fee is based on early registration pricing. Late registration will be subject to additional charges.

****Families will need to pay for third-party subscriptions.****

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