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Student Social Week

What is Student Social Week?

  • Enlightium Academy is proud to offer students the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and competitive events.
  • Students in grades PreK-12 have the option to participate in an Enlightium Academy social event; students who prefer not to celebrate due to already participating in sports, fine arts, the Student Council, etc., simply need to submit a waiver.
  • Students register for an event during Student Social Week, which during the 2021-2022 school year is September 20-24, 2021. Late registration is available for some events.
  • Parents can register, opt-out, or submit a correction in the Enlightium Parents app by selecting "Social" in the main menu.
  • Students who meet attendance and participation requirements are entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card at the end of the year.

Common Questions

Is Student Social Week open to all students, regardless of teacher support package and grade level?

Yes! Every enrolled student can participate in an event!

Can my student participate in more than one social event, such as Spelling Bee and Young Illustrators?

Absolutely! At the end of the registration form, you will be provided with the option to submit a second form for the same student.

Does my student have to register for an event?

Not at all! We know many students are already participating in social events locally or have a full schedule. 

Student Social Activities

Art Club - Grades 6-12

  • Enlightium Academy provides Art Club meetings once a month
  • Students will be given art assignments to be completed every month. Each month will focus on a different style or media of art.

Bible Studies - Grades PreK-12

  • Enlightium Academy provides Bible studies twice a month
  • These studies will provide students the opportunity to grow in their spiritual and social development.

Book Clubs - Grades 3-12

  • Enlightium offers book clubs for Enlightium students. Students read the books on their own and discuss it with an Enlightium teacher and other students.

Chess Club - Grades 3-12

  • In Chess Club, students learn essential strategies and tactics of a historic game, as well as play games and participate in tournaments to compete with their peers.

Math Olympics - Grades 3-8

  • Enlightium Academy partners with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to provide students who have been recognized as top performers in mathematical computation and reasoning the opportunity to compete in the Math Olympics with their peers from around the nation.
  • Registration is closed for Math Olympics.

Pen Pal Program - Grades PreK-12

  • With the Pen Pal Program, a student gets paired up with another Enlightium student of the same gender and grade cluster. Write letters, learn about each other's culture, and make a friend that will last a lifetime!

Social Ambassadors - Grades 9-12

  • Social Ambassadors may have access to new and/or premium Enlightium features. Students meet quarterly with the Enlightium administration to provide feedback on these features, as well as their experience at Enlightium, what they enjoy, where there is area for improvement, and more. Students also post about their experiences at Enlightium using social media
  • Registration is closed for Social Ambassadors.

Spelling Bee - Grades 3-12

  • Enlightium Academy provides students with the opportunity to compete in a spelling bee with other Enlightium students.

Young Illustrators - Grades PreK-5

  • Young Illustrators is an event that provides an opportunity for students to participate in the writing, illustrating, production, and presentation of original books.
  • Registration is closed for Young Illustrators.

Social Activities by Grade Level

Grades Prek-2

Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

*Registration is closed.

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