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The Admissions Process: High Volumes of Enrollment

Welcome to Enlightium Academy!

We are excited for your student to start their education with Enlightium Academy (Enlightium)! We have a few items for you to complete. Please note the following:
  • All enrollments will be processed in the order in which they were received
  • Families with students new to Enlightium: Please note that enrollment forms are currently being processed within 48 hours instead of the standard 24 hours due a high volume of submissions.

Just enrolled? 

Due to the volume of enrollment forms being received, it may be up to 48 hours before you hear from the Admissions Department. In the meantime, you can complete the steps below.

Note: some steps have more details which can be found here.

  1. Download our school calendar. We recommend you print one for your refrigerator and one for your student’s work station.
  2. Review the course curriculum. Review the courses that your student will likely take to give your family an idea of the material covered this school year. This will also give you the opportunity to review any required purchases.
  3. Review the Family Handbook. Email any questions you may have to support@enlightiumacademy.com.
  4. Review your State’s Education Requirements.
    1. Visit HSLDA.org or propublica.org
    2. Look up your state on Enlightium Academy’s blog
    3. For additional questions, contact admissions@enlightiumacademy.com
  5. Download the Enlightium Parents appThis app is used to stay current on school events, connect with other Enlightium families, and talk to staff.

Received an Email from the Admissions Department?

You can now complete the steps below! Once records are received and entrance assessments are complete, your student's counselor will begin to prepare courses.

Note: some steps have more details which can be found here.

  1. Withdraw from previous school. Every school is different, so make sure you talk to your current school about their withdrawal policies
  2. Submit student records. 
    1. Submit this form to see which records your family will need to provide.
    2. Enlightium will request records from your student’s previous school, but if you have their report card/transcript, please send them to Enlightium:
      1. Scan and upload using our document uploader (preferred)
      2. Text a large, clear picture to records@enlightiumacademy.com
      3. Scan and email to records@enlightiumacademy.com
      4. Fax to (888) 317-6571
  3. Complete the entrance assessments. 
    1. Entrance assessments will be sent by email to families with students in grades 3-12.
    2. Entrance assessments are not required for students in grades PreK-2.
  4. Complete the Student Orientation. 
    1. The Student Orientation course is required for students in grades 3–12 and allows students to understand how to use Ignitia, the online curriculum used by Enlightium Academy
    2. Students in grades PreK-2 do not need to complete the Student Orientation

Parents of students in grades PreK-2:

  • The publisher of the primary school books is experiencing a backlog of orders. You will receive an email in the coming days from the Primary School Counselor with direction in ordering the books.
  • Our team has expanded our library of the printable primary school curriculum as families may still be waiting for the books to arrive! Please click here to access the pdfs. 
  • Note that these pdfs are only a portion of the year's curriculum, so your family will still need to order physical books.


  • Accounting: billing@enlightiumacademy.com
  • Admissions: admissions@enligthtiumacademy.com
  • Other: support@enlightiumacademy.com

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