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Providing Records for New Students

Records to Provide

All new students of Enlightium Academy need to provide:
  1. The student’s report card, and
  2. One of the following documents to verify the student’s age*, which must contain the student's legal name: 
    1. A birth certificate
    2. A passport
    3. A state-issued ID
    4. An adoption/guardian record, if applicable

      *It is recommended that an official document such as a birth certificate or passport be provided if the student:
      1. Had no previous schooling (passport or birth certificate)
      2. Was previously homeschooled (passport or birth certificate)
      3. Is an incoming senior (birth certificate)
  3. Immunization record or certificate of exemption per your local state guidelines.

Students Who Were Previously Homeschooled

  • Students who were previously homeschooled can use a homeschool report card or transcript linked below if they do not have a report card/transcript from the latest school year.

  • Grades Prek-8

  • Grades 9-12

  • When providing samples, please include your name and course title at the top of each page.

How to Provide Records

  • Records and documentation can be provided through the following channels:
  • Uploading when submitting the enrollment form (preferred) 

  • Uploading after submitting the enrollment form using the Student Records Uploader (preferred)

  • Scan and email or text a large, clear picture to records@enlightiumacademy.com.
    Fax to (888) 317-6571

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