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  • There are four types of assignments for students in grades 3-12

  • Lessons

  • Projects

  • Quizzes

  • Tests

  • Projects are typically completed outside of Ignitia

  • Use Project Forecasts to plan for projects.

Assignment Weighting

  • 25% - Lessons

  • 30% - Projects

  • 20% - Quizzes

  • 25% - Tests

Project Requirements

  • Include a heading for all projects. More information on the heading is in the following sections. 

  • Submit all projects as an attachment. Watch this video to learn how to submit a project. 

  • Ask your parent/guardian for help if you do not understand a project. 

  • Ask a teacher for help if you ever do not understand a project. Your teachers are always happy to help.

Written Reports

There are several types of projects you will encounter in your classes. One type of project is a written report. There are a few specific requirements for reports:

  • Start with a proper heading. Please type the following heading at the top of the document for all projects. The heading is worth five points. It should include the following information:

    • Header right aligned (Last Name with page #)

    • Left aligned:

      • Your name 
      • The teacher’s name 
      • The subject 
      • The date in MLA formatting
    • The title (centered)
    • For example:

  • Include your attachment. If a project asks you to include a drawing, video file, or screenshot, double-check your attachment to make sure it is included before it is submitted. 
  • Include your sources. For research projects and reports, list the sources you used at the bottom of your document. For many projects, there is a list of sources you can use included in the project directions. When you cite web pages, please share the exact URL rather than a general website name. 
  • If you are in grades 6-12, please use MLA formatting.

Science Reports

  • Another type of project you will encounter is the science experiment. 

  • For science experiments, print out a copy of the scientific method sheet included in each project, then fill in all the highlighted sections by hand. If you do not have access to a printer, please contact your teacher for instructions.

  • Note: We encourage you to place the printed copies of your completed lab reports in a binder or notebook. That way you can look back on these projects if you have questions during quizzes and tests.


  • Rubrics can differ substantially from project to project. 

  • There will be a rubric in the description of each project. If you do not see one, please contact your teacher.

Project Attempts

  • Any technical errors must be confirmed by parents or evidenced by documentation that Enlightium deems sufficient. 

  • Also, efforts to resolve the issues with Ignitia Technical Support must be evident. Students who have had previous technical issues should take additional precautions to avoid technical issues based on the recommendations provided in the Student Orientation course or provided by Enlightium staff or faculty.

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