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Spring Standardized Assessments (3-12)

Standardized Assessment Overview

  • Standardized tests are designed to demonstrate to the parents and students whether the child is performing at the grade-appropriate and age-appropriate levels. 

  • The test also demonstrates the performance of the class, which helps the school assess the effectiveness of its teaching methods. 

  • The results will help Enlightium administration identify and address areas of strength and areas needing improvement to better serve our students.

  • The test results will not affect their current grades at Enlightium Academy. 

Does My Student Need to Take a Standardized Assessment?

Standardized Assessment Question and Answer Session

  • Click here to watch a recording of the session.

Regulations by State

  • According to HSLDA.org and/or Propublica.org as of March of 2021, the following states have an annual standardized assessment requirement:
  • Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia

  • These states often require the parent to provide to the state the assessment results.

  • Please conduct additional research to confirm if your state does or does not require an annual assessment

Assessments by Grade Level

Grade Levelixl.comStanford 10College-Prep*

*Not available through Enlightium Academy.

**Please note that many states require a standardized assessment; if your state has this requirement, speak to your local school district for a waiver or for direction to take an assessment locally.

Assessment Cost

Support Packageixl.comStanford 10College-Prep

Unique Student Situations

Situationixl.comStanford 10Opt-Out Waiver
The student is enrolled in the Accelerated ProgramRecommended

The student has a Summer School extensionRecommended

The student is in the Intervention Program*
Recommended if living in a state that requires an assessmentRecommended if not living in a state that requires an assessment

*No assignments in Ignitia will be assigned on the testing days. However, students will still have access to Ignitia and can use these days to catch up or work ahead.

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