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Student Work Permit

Before You Get Started

  • Some states have unique requirements for families submitting a student work permit, such as requiring the family to submit the form not to Enlightium but instead to the student’s home school district.

  • Search for your state’s requirements for submitting a work permit. Unless you find different directions, you likely can follow the steps below.

Steps for Submitting a Student Work Permit

  1. The family receives the work permit from the student’s place of work.
  2. The family completes the form to the best of their ability. This includes providing information such as where the student will be working and how many hours.
  3. The family sends the student’s work permit to the counselor who reviews the form. If there are any questions or concerns, the counselor will let the family know. 
  4. If a signature is needed and the counselor approves of the content, the counselor can sign and send it back to the family.

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