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How to Print Assignments

Whether you are on holiday or going on a family road trip, traveling is always on the horizon. For many traditional schools, this would also mean putting your studies on hold. However, at Enlightium Academy (EA), we offer the flexibility of printing your lessons so that your student can keep learning even on the road. 

A student will be able to print out a lesson, read through it, and take notes in the margins. Once the student has access to a computer, he or she will simply input the answers to complete the assignment. Being able to print lessons also has advantages outside of students taking studies on the road. Printing assignments allows students to get away from the electronic world, gives their eyes a break from the screen glare, and gives them the opportunity to do their work somewhere new. 

While students are allowed to print lessons, EA does not allow students to print quizzes or tests to be completed offline. Completing the quizzes and tests online ensures the security and integrity of the assessments and doing so is not allowed unless this accommodation is directly specified in the student’s AIMS plan.

Unlocking Future Assignments

Lessons build on each other, so future lessons only open up after prior lessons are completed. For this reason, you would not be able to access a future assignment until completing the preceding ones. If you are planning to go on a trip and will not have access for several days and would like to print off the assignments in advance, simply message the student's teacher to unlock the assignments in advance. Make sure to send that message a few days before your trip to give enough time for the teacher to do that.

Printing a Lesson

To print a lesson, all you need to do is: 

1. Log into the student’s account in Ignitia.

2. Select the lesson that you wish to print. 

3. Open the lesson. 

4. Click on the “print” icon. 

5. Select “Print This Assignment”.

6. Once the assignment print window appears, right click and select print. 

7. Follow printing instructions given by the computer.

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