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The Mission Program (Grades 9-12)

What is the Mission Program?

  • The Mission Program program provides Enlightium students with an opportunity to discover the essential values and skills necessary for living out their Christian faith vibrantly.

Our Approach

  • We have intentionally laid out the Mission Program to work along with the students’ spiritual development in their other required courses at Enlightium. The Mission Program requirements are situated to work alongside and support the student's overall spiritual growth at Enlightium. The Mission Program is a furthering of and focusing upon Enlightium’s mission and motto. 
  • This means that the Mission Program is not created to be separate from the students’ other coursework, but as an enriching and furthering of the students’ studies and development as a whole at Enlightium. The Mission Program, in addition to other courses, aims to accomplish the same end: making students wholehearted followers of the risen Lord. 
  • The Mission Track is laid out in such a manner that students should not feel overwhelmed with content and due dates. The goal of this layout is to make learning about Christ’s mission enjoyable and to complement their other coursework at Enlightium, tending toward a spiritually fruitful experience at Enlightium.

Built in Flexibility

  • There are three tracks offered depending on student start date: 4 years (9th grade, Standard Track), 3 years (10th grade) and 2 years (11th grade). The standard Mission Program’s academic/lesson requirements are spread out approximately a month or two apart. The condensed three and two-year tracks condense the same lessons into a shorter time frame, while still providing ample time for students to focus on other course assignments. This approach helps students to focus on required course work and still enjoy the Mission Program. 
  • The Mission Program’s affections and actions requirements are set up to meet with your family schedule. This provides for a less rigid, more organic and dynamic approach, which is well-suited to the way ministry is in real life. For example, students can choose when and how often to meet as a family for devotionals.  While students are encouraged to regularly and frequently attend church functions, they are required to attend only 8 youth group and/or other edifying church functions each semester. This provides students with breathing room, especially when nearing the end of a quarter or semester, when life may get busier.

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