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How to View Teacher Comments and Suggestions on Essays

Type of Feedback

  • After uploading and submitting your essay/report, a teacher will manually grade your work. In an effort to help you improve both as a student and writer, teachers will provide in-depth feedback in the following areas:
    • Grammar 
    • Spelling 
    • Essay structure (Did you include opening and closing paragraphs along with the body paragraphs?) 
    • Essay content (Did you satisfy the content criteria stated in the assignment prompt?) 
    • MLA format

Feedback in a Word Document

  • When you open a graded project in a Word document to view your teacher's corrections and suggestions, go to the "REVIEW" tab and select "All Markup" under "Tracking."

  • Some students are required to use Turnitin to submit assignments. For guidance on how to see feedback in Turnitin, see this page.

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