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Progress and Grades in Ignitia

Altering the Courses Tab

  • An alternation in the “Courses” tab in Ignitia can be a deliberate misrepresentation of your student’s grades and/or progress.
  • For example, if during the school year the student or parent portal show high grades (As and Bs), but then the report card/transcript show lower grades (Cs or lower), it is due to the “Courses” tab being adjusted. The grades on the report card/transcript are accurate.
  • Certain browsers allow you to temporarily edit website data. This can be used to modify how progress reports appear. Watch the video below to see how course reports can be altered.
  • When looking at the “Courses” tab in Ignitia, you can refresh the browser tab to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • Additionally, the progress summary reports sent most weeks of the school year have data pulled directly from Ignitia, such as your student’s progress, the number of overdue assignments, and how far ahead or behind they are.

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