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Continuous Enrollment

With Enlightium's Continuous Enrollment, your family can commit to a multi-year contract to get the biggest savings and ensure your students start each school year on time.


Both new and returning Enlightium families can utilize Continuous Enrollment.* With Continuous Enrollment, you decide how many years to lock in and if you prefer prepayments or monthly payments. Continuous Enrollment provides:

  • Waived enrollment and re-enrollment fees, a $125-250 savings per student per year
  • The best applicable discounts 
  • A tuition price lock at the 3-year commitment 
  • Automatic re-enrollment

*Students must be enrolled full-time at Enlightium to select the Continuous Enrollment option

Waived Enrollment Fee

  • Skip the enrollment and re-enrollment fees! With Continuous Enrollment, you bypass enrollment fees.

Price Lock

  • Each school year, tuition is subject to change. Lock in the current tuition with a three-year commitment.

What Happens After Enrollment?

Your family will receive a confirmation email with:

  • Each student's grade level for the upcoming year 
  • Each student teacher's support package 
  • A scheduled date for the tuition payment(s) for the upcoming school year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the tuition for two or three years right away? 

No. You pay current school year’s tuition during the current school year. Then, when re-enrollment opens, you pay that school year’s tuition during that school year. 

If I enroll my student under the Continuous Enrollment option and then decide to withdraw, do I pay the withdrawal fee for just the current school year or for future years as well? 

If a student changes from continuous enrollment to standard enrollment or is withdrawn before the end of the contract, a $250 termination fee and Enlightium’s standard withdrawal policy would follow.

What if my student is already re-enrolled and I want to change to Continuous Enrollment? 

Email support@enlightiumacademy.com with the names of your students and which contract you prefer.

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