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Care2Rock (Grades PreK-12)

About Care2Rock

  • Enlightium Academy partners with Care2Rock to provide an opportunity for learning music through Care2Rock while earning offline credit through Enlightium. Care2Rock is available to Enlightium students in grades K-12, as well as both full-time and part-time students.

  • Care2Rock offers virtual music lessons for 100+ instruments during which your student will meet one-on-one with experienced music teachers. Every lesson taken with Care2Rock directly benefits children in music appreciation! Also, learning to play an instrument can improve math skills and strengthen attention spans which benefits students in all areas of academics. Try out Care2Rock for one semester to see improvements in your child's overall school performance!

  • Ready to Get Started? If you have not yet enrolled, make a note on the enrollment form for your counselor to review. If you have already enrolled, send your counselor an email with a request to start Care2Rock.

  • For Care2Rock pricing, see our Premium Electives.

Instrument Options

  • Below are a few of the instruments that students can choose from!

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Soprano ukulele

  • Electric guitar

  • Meadow violin

  • Electric keyboard

  • Voice/microphone

  • To see the full list and get started click here.

How Many Hours Does My Student Need to Practice?

  • 0.5 credits - 8 hours of instruction + at least 52 hours of independent practice. 

  • 1.0 credits - 16 hours of instruction + at least 104 hours of independent practice.

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