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  • There are four types of assignments for students in grades 3-12

  • Lessons

  • Projects

  • Quizzes

  • Tests

  • For most courses, tests are taken in Ignitia

Assignment Weighting

  • 25% - Lessons

  • 30% - Projects

  • 20% - Quizzes

  • 25% - Tests

Best Practices When Taking Tests

  • When taking a test, students should:

  • Complete the test in one sitting

  • Ensure their computer has a strong internet connection and is fully charged

  • Be in an environment free from noise and distraction

  • Avoid being tired, hungry, etc.

  • While working on lessons, students can take hand-written notes, which can then be referenced while taking quizzes and tests. Other resources available to students, such as websites, should NOT be used while taking quizzes and tests.

Test Attempts

  • Alternate Tests: Students are given only one attempt on each unit test. If there is an alternate test available, students may request to take the alternate test in place of the first test only after submitting corrections to the first test through the help request box. If a student scores lower on the alternate test, the student should speak to their teacher about ways to raise their grade.

  • If a student scores lower on the alternate test, the student may request that the teacher accept the higher score. Students are not allowed to submit corrections or take alternate tests in previously completed units if they are within three weeks of the end of the course.

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