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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)


  • Some courses require tools such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Enlightium does not provide these resources for students, so families have a few options:

  • Order Microsoft office and look for student discounts. Student ID cards are available from Enlightium, which may aid in students receiving a discount.

  • Use free and legal alternatives such as:

  • Google Sheets and Docs, which are available with a Gmail account

    • Pros:

      • Easy to use

      • Works with all computers, laptops and tablets

      • Offline access available

      • Document modifications are tracked and can be reverted back to an older version

    • Cons

      • Printing is difficult

      • No advanced formatting options

  • Apache OpenOffice

    • Pros

      • Easy for beginners

    • Cons

      • No built-in grammar checking tool

  • Microsoft Office Online, a free browser-based version of Microsoft Office
    • Pros: 
      • Free access to Word Online, Excel Online and Powerpoint Online Collaborative editing Works will all computers, laptops and tablets

    • Cons:
      • Limited editing features 
      • Can only be used with Internet connection


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