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  • There are four types of assignments for students in grades 3-12

  • Lessons

  • Projects

  • Quizzes

  • Tests

  • For most courses, quizzes are taken in Ignitia

Assignment Weighting

  • 25% - Lessons

  • 30% - Projects

  • 20% - Quizzes

  • 25% - Tests

Quiz Attempts

  • Students are given two attempts on each quiz to reach the threshold of 73%. Keep in mind that the solutions and per-question scores will not be available until after the student has submitted the second attempt. If a student attempts the quiz for a second time, the student will keep the score of the second attempt. 
  • After the second attempt, students have the option to receive partial points on quizzes below 70%. Students may submit explanations and/or steps to solving the problem on questions that were marked incorrect in the form of help requests to the teacher via Ignitia. For each question that a student submits a correct explanation, the teacher will award half credit. The student may do this to increase their score up to a 70%. Students are not allowed to make corrections on quizzes above 70%. Students are not allowed to submit corrections in previously completed units if they are within three weeks of the end of the course. 
  • Note: Teachers reserve the right to refuse quiz corrections. Examples of reasons that a teacher may refuse to allow students to submit corrections include, but are not limited to, the student: 
    • Not spending extra time on the second attempt
    • Refusing to submit corrections in the proper manner 
    • Refusing to put forth the time or effort needed to earn a higher score
  •  If a teacher sees a need for a student to attempt a quiz a second or third time, the teacher may assign a quiz with similar questions. Additional attempts will not be granted unless an exception is made at the discretion of the teacher (for example, if confirmed technical errors have occurred).

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