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How to Combine and Upload PDFs Into Ignitia

How to Combine PDFs

  • If you need to convert or merge JPEG or other image files from a computer, you can use the following site:
  • If you need to merge multiple PDFs from a computer into a single PDF 

  • Follow these links if you need to download an Image to PDF application on an Android or iPhone to combine images.

How to Upload PDFs Into Ignitia

  • Follow the steps below or click here for a video tutorial.

1. Go to Enlightium's Ignitia page.

2. Click "Learn" at the top of the page.

3. Click into the assignment and navigate to the question in which you need to upload a PDF.

4. Click "Choose a file".

5. Select the file to upload and click "Open".

6. Confirm you selected the correct file by double-checking the title. Then click "Upload".

7. Look for the "Upload Complete" notice to show.

 8. After completing any remaining steps, click "Turn It In" and then "Yes, Please".

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