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eLibrary powered by Overdrive


  • In order to provide Enlightium students with quality literature and to encourage them to read, Enlightium Academy has partnered with Overdrive to develop an eLibrary system exclusively for Enlightium students. 
  • These resources are available to students in all grade levels.
  • Overdrive’s eLibrary app, Sora, is a user-friendly platform on which students may borrow books for personal use and explore their interests through available literature.
  • Students also have the ability to add their own local public library and gain access to its literature.

Content Disclaimer

  • While Enlightium Academy seeks to provide students with age-appropriate literature that aligns with our values, some titles within our library may not be suitable for all ages. Parents are encouraged to practice oversight of what their children are reading and provide guidance as needed. 
  • Enlightium monitors books in the Sora library regularly. However, books are often added by the vendor, so not everything on Sora was selected or approved by Enlightium.

How do I log in?

  1. To utilize Sora, navigate to Enlightium Academy’s Sora page and log in: 
    1. Using the student’s Ignitia username (Grades 3-12), or
    2. Using the parent's Ignitia username (Grades PreK-2)

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