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The Founder's Letters

Meet Elena

  1. A Passion For Christian Education
  2. The Formative Years
  3. Trusting In God's Word As Enough For All Things

Preparing for Online Learning

  1. Attendance In Online Settings
  2. Building Relationships With Online Students
  3. Enlightium Academy Is Not Just A School, It’s A Relationship, It’s A Partnership, It’s A Family
  4. How To Re-engage Your Child When Learning At Home
  5. The Impact On Student’s Academic Performance By Parental Involvement In Online Homeschool
  6. Learning Unfolds In Opportunities For Engagement In Practice
  7. Online K-12 Education As A Homeschool Option
  8. Parental Rights And Responsibilities In Educating Their Children
  9. Personalized Approach to Learning 
  10. What Is E-learning?
  11. Why Homeschooled Students Need Structure 

Christian Parenting

  1. 3 Interactive Family Devotion Ideas For Summer
  2. 3 Lessons Learned From Parenting By A Christian Mother
  3. 3 Tips On How To Create A Happy Atmosphere At Home
  4. 5 Encouraging Bible Verses For Parents Of Teenagers
  5. 5 Encouraging Bible Verses For Students 
  6. 5 Methods For Committing Scripture To Memory
  7. A Christian Parent's Guide On Disciplining Children
  8. A Christian Parent's Guide To Setting A Good Example For Your Child
  9. A Christian Parent’s Guide To Understanding Video Games Effects 
  10. Guide For Parents On Training Children Through Life 
  11. How To Help Your Child Develop Their God-given Talents
  12. How To Make Your Child’s Birthday Party One To Remember
  13. How To React When Your Child Says, "I'm Dumb"
  14. Parents As Leaders In Their Child’s Education
  15. Preparing Students To Lead An Abundant Life
  16. Three New Year’s Resolutions For Parents To Create A Balanced Life

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