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Student Portal (Grades 3-12)

What is the Student Portal?

  • A family can use the student portal to review a student’s progress. Parents can log in to the Student Portal for a thorough review of the student’s progress.
  • Click here to access Ignitia to sign in.

Technical Notice

  • Only one person may be logged in at a time. If you wish to log in to the student portal, make sure the student is not in the middle of working on a quiz or test, as it will kick the student out. A great workaround is for parents to use the portal in the evenings and on weekends to avoid logging in at the same time.
  • Students are encouraged to change their passwords periodically for security purposes, so make sure you are in communication with your student about this. The student may have changed their original password, so you will need to confirm the password with the student.

Login Issues

  • If a student forgets their password or if you need to access the student’s account but are unable, feel free to contact Enlightium’s general support line at (866) 488-4818 option 1, then option 8 to reset the password.

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