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Entrance Assessments (Grades 3-12)


  • Entrance assessments, formerly known as placement or diagnostic tests, are required for new students enrolling at Enlightium for English and math courses. 

  • The test results reveal strong and weak academic skills based on a student’s previous school performance. The appropriate grade level courses, based on a difficulty level, will then be assigned by the student’s counselor.

  • Entrance assessments are available on the Ignitia platform.

  • Entrance assessments are required for students in grades 3-12. 

Taking the entrance assessments

  • The entrance assessments are designed to assess the student’s academic performance. To ensure we obtain an accurate measure of the student’s academic capabilities, we ask that parents not offer assistance or provide tips. 

  • The student may skip a question if they don’t know the answer. Note, teachers do not provide assistance to students while the entrance assessments are being taken. 

  • Please use the help box to alert us should you become locked out of the test. A member of our team will reassign the questions that were not answered.

Interpreting entrance assessment scores by grade level

  • The scale below outlines the average scores for entrance assessments. Please do not worry if your student scores below average. Our counselors assign courses primarily based on your student’s school academic records and will contact you if needed.

  • Grades 3-9 - Taken via IXL.com

  • After completing the diagnostic assessment, students are given an overall score in Math and ELA that represents their current grade level. 

  • Examples

  • 500 -> 5th-grade level

  • 620 -> slightly above 6th-grade level

  • Grades 10-12 - Taken via Ignitia platform:

  • If tested during 1st semester (testing on the previous year material: 30%-60%)

  • If tested during 2nd semester (testing on the current year material: 20%-40%)

  • Please remember, the purpose of the entrance assessments is to help the counselors determine the academic level of the student in English and math and focus on the student’s strengths.


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