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Customized Projects


  • Students enrolled in one of the Tuition Packages have the option to request customized projects.
  • Approved customized projects allow a student to complete a project using the student's talents, such as making a video about a history project instead of writing an essay.
  • Students are allowed to request customized projects from their teachers. If approved, the teacher will work with the student to identify an alternate method of completing the project while maintaining the project objectives, rigor, and expectations.

Examples of Customized Projects

  • Examples of alternate project methods include:
    • Allowing the student to display their knowledge by creating a video or podcast rather than writing an essay.
    • Allowing a student to build a model with Legos rather than drawing it.
  • Students may request from their teacher other ways to complete a project.

Teachers May Deny Requests

  • Teachers reserve the right to deny a request for a customized project for any reason
  • A common reason for denial if the method of completing the project is essential to the project. For example, a writing-intensive course, such as an English course that aims to teach students to write well, may require writing as the form of completion.

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