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California: Filing an Affidavit

Enlightium Academy has received confirmation from the University of California that we can provide a curriculum that meets the A-G requirements in the state of California. Some of the courses developed by Enlightium teachers are still in the approval process at this time, while enough are available to meet graduation requirements. It is recommended for all families residing in California to reach out to their student's future college or university of choice to confirm any additional admissions requirements. Families who live in California with students enrolled in Enlightium Academy need to submit a Private School Affidavit Form annually between October 1 and 15, unless informed otherwise. 

Click here to access California's Department of Education website, in which you can file the online private school affidavit. 

Below is a sample completed private school affidavit for illustration purposes; only required fields from the form are discussed below. 


From EC Section 48222: This is "... a private full-time...school...[that]...offer[s] instruction in the several branches of study required to be taught in public schools of the state,...[that offers this] instruction...in English [, and that keeps]...attendance [records]..."
School Information

1. Name of School This is your choice. You can be as simple as the parent's first and last name and then "Household", or you can be creative. Do not say "Enlightium Academy", as the state of California will then have dozens or hundreds of "Enlightium Academy"s registered in California.

2. Enter your CDE-assigned 14 digit CDS code if one was previously assigned 
Leave this blank.

3. County in which school is located
Your county.

4. Public school district in which school is currently located
Use the tool to lookup based on your address.

5. Street Address (P.O. Box is not acceptable)
Your address.

6. CityYour city.

7. School Telephone NumberMom or dad's phone number.

9. School E-mail Address
Your family's email.

14. Type of School
"Coeducational" will work in all cases.

15. School Accommodations“Day Only”, even though your student likely lives in your household.

17. Grade Span offered
Your student's grade level(s).
Prior Year School 

20. Has this school ever filed a Private School Affidavit under a different school name?
Most likely "No".

22. Has the public school district changed since filing last year's PSA?Most likely "No".
Statistical Information

24. Range of students' ages
Enter your student's age(s). A representative of the California Department of Education (CDE) noted that families occasionally enter in students who are younger than 4 years 9 months. Do not enter in a student who is younger than 4 years 9 months.

25. Specify the enrollment counts by grade on or around the date the affidavit is filed.Only file for your household. A representative of the CDE noted that sometimes families enter in the grade level instead of a tally. For example, if a family has one student in 7th grade, a family may incorrectly enter “7” next to “Seventh Grade”. In this case, they should type “1” next to “Seventh Grade”.

26. Number of twelfth grade graduates in 20__-20__ school year
Only file for your household.

27. Number of school staff:

Full-time Teachers - 1

Part-time Teachers - 0

Administrators - 1

Other Staff - 0

As per the CDE, do not say more than 1 teacher.


28. Site Administrator
Mom or dad's first and last name.

29. Site Administrator Title
"Other" fits most families.

30. Site Administrator E-mail AddressMom or dad's email.

31. Director or Principal Officer NameSame as question number 28 or another parent.

32. Director or Principal Officer Position
"Other"  fits most families.

33. Director or Principal Officer AddressYour family's address.

34. Director or Principal Officer City/State/ZipYour family's address.
School Records

36. Name of Individual who is Custodian of RecordsSame as question number 28 or another parent.

37. Custodian of Records AddressYour family's address.

38. Custodian of Records City/State/ZipYour family's address.
Tax Status of School

Select "None of the above".
Acknowledgments and Statutory Notices

Read and checkbox each section. If you have any questions or concerns, visit Filing the Private School Affidavit on the CDE’s website. Additionally, you can contact privateschools@cde.ca.gov 
or call 916-319-0317.

Once all information is Sign your own name and submit.

Once submitted, the superintendent may ask for more information. Feel free to let them now that you homeschool through Enlightium Academy and they can view our website if needed. Enlightium would also be able to speak with a superintendent who needs more information from us directly.

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