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Enlightium Spotlight provides students with a platform which highlights students’ perspectives and allows them to share their writing with the world.

Enlightium Academy is proud of the writing our students do and wants to give them the chance to publish their work, both pieces written for class and original writing composed in response to posted prompts. All Enlightium students in grades 7–12 are invited to submit their writing. Every week one piece of writing will be chosen to be published.

Student Advantages

  • Students have the chance to see their work published on the Spotlight website, which will be linked to Enlightium Social the Facebook Family Alliance page.
  • Writing and refining pieces for this publication is good practice and will build up young writers.
  • For students interested in writing competitions, submitting work for Spotlight is a great place to start.

Submission Process

  1. There are three options for submissions. Each month, submissions may come from any of these three sources:
    1. Students may submit a piece of original writing that they have worked on in the past in a genre of their choice (fiction, nonfiction or poetry).
    2. Students may write an original piece of writing that incorporates that month’s Special Challenge, which will be communicated by English teachers and on Enlightium Social.
    3. Students may submit a piece of writing based on a teacher recommendation.
  2. Prompts are published on the first Monday of each month and students have one week to send their submissions.
  3. The student whose writing is chosen will work directly with faculty to edit the piece of writing for publication
  4. The publication date is three weeks from the day the prompt is posted.

Spotlight Submission Form

Submission Requirements

  • Currently enrolled at Enlightium Academy
  • Grade 7–12
  • Writing is completely original
  • Any sources are properly cited
  • Submissions are limited to one piece per prompt

Student Privacy

In order to protect students’ privacy, all blogs will be posted using students’ first name, last initial and state only (i.e. John S., Kansas). Once published, students can tag themselves on social media but Enlightium will not add links to students’ personal profiles.

Contact Information

Ms. Griffing

Spotlight Co-Editor


Mr. Bradley

Spotlight Co-Editor


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