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How to Use Zoom.us


  • For tutoring at Enlightium, we use a program called Zoom.us. This program is great as it allows teachers and students to share their screens and speak to each other.
  • System requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux can be found in this article. Students will be required to have a computer with Internet access and are recommended to use the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Most operating systems work well with Zoom. A phone or webcam will be needed to speak with the student’s teacher.

How to Request a Tutoring Session

  1. Request a meeting with your teacher through an Ignitia message, email, or by phone and then coordinate a time. Make sure that you check the time zone with your teacher.
  2. Write this time down on a calendar and let your parents know.

  3. Be prepared for your Zoom meeting. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes. Also, please be on time for your meeting. We understand that sometimes things come up, so if you are late or have to cancel, send your teacher a message so that you can reschedule.

  4. A few minutes before your meeting, your teacher will send you a link in an Ignitia message. If you are waiting for this link, be sure to refresh your browser periodically.

  5. Follow the specific instructions below to enter the Zoom meeting.

  6. If you have any trouble logging in please contact your teacher for further assistance. We are here to help you!

How to join a Zoom.us meeting

  1. Copy the link that your teacher sent as an Ignitia message into your browser.
  2. You will be prompted by the program to download “zoomusLauncher”
  3. Click on the file to install the launcher.


4. Then click on “Join Audio Conference by Computer.” If you experience difficulties in joining through your computer audio or do not have audio through your computer, you can choose “Phone Call”. Call any of the numbers listed under “Dial” on the screen. You will be prompted to enter your Meeting ID number followed by the pound or hash sign (#). Then you will enter your participant ID followed by the pound sign.


5. You may choose to join by video if you desire, students may share their screen, and students can send a chat.


How to Share Your Screen

  • At the bottom of your zoom session, you should see a toolbar. Select “Share Screen.” Then, it will give you an option of what you want to show. Once you have highlighted the screen you wish to share, choose “Share Screen” in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


How to chat

  • In the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, there is a button called “Chat” with a picture of a speech bubble. Clicking this button will bring up a sidebar so that you can chat with your teacher. This is particularly helpful if you have technical difficulties during your tutoring session.

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