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High School Diploma

Receiving a Diploma

  • To receive an Enlightium Academy high school diploma, students need to earn a minimum of 22–24 credits between grades 9–12, depending on which year they enrolled at Enlightium and if they are working toward a standard or an honors diploma.

  • Credits previously earned at another traditional school or homeschool program per Enlightium counselor’s evaluation and approval will be transferred to Enlightium. However, if a student enrolls at Enlightiumduring their senior year at least four credits must be earned at Enlightium in order to receive a diploma. The student's counselor will assist in determining which courses need to be taken.

Receiving an Honors Diploma

  • College preparatory students and students who are pursuing an Honors diploma are required to meet the following requirements:  

    • Earn a minimum of 3.5 W-GPA on a 5.0 scale (for honors diploma). 

    • Earn at least 24 credits.

    • Complete all levels of assigned ECLR lessons and post-tests.

    • Pass a Bible course each school year while in high school.

    • Meet the minimum number of verified Community Service hours.


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