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A Few Notes About Communication

  • Each staff and faculty member will have a preferred method of communication. This will be based on their responsibilities and the topic being discussed. Each family is encouraged to work with the Enlightium team member through the employee’s recommended channel, such as phone or email
    • Examples: 
      • An employee may recommend moving the communication from email to phone for real-time answers
      • An employee may respond to an email with a link to an Enlightium Academy webpage or Knowledge Base page which addresses some or all of a family’s questions
  • If your family has a question or concern, please reach out to only one Enlightium team member. Contacting several staff and faculty members typically results in a slower response time.

Email: Required Form of Communication Between Enlightium and Families

  • Email is the primary form of communication from Enlightium to your family
  • Emails are sent to the primary parent*, according to the enrollment form your family submitted, and in some cases to the secondary parent or students in high school
  • On occasion an email from Enlightium may end up in your spam or other folders, so you are encouraged to search those folders

  • If you are not receiving any emails:

*The term parent is used interchangeably with "guardian"

  • The Enlightium team uses Enlightium Parents mobile app which allows:
    • Custom communication from the Enlightium team (posts are filtered based on your student’s grade level, your state of residence, etc.)
    • A group for your state (and a group for international families) to share resources and make connections
    • Direct messaging with employees
    • Direct messaging with other parents
    • Push notifications to join events
    • The ability to search for articles and hashtags (such as #GraduationCeremony)
    • Quick links to common knowledge base pages
  • You can sign in on your phone or using a computer browser. Click here to create your free account

Enlightium's Website and Knowledge Base: Required for Families to Review

  • Email communication often pushes families to Enlightium's website and Knowledge Base
  • Both platforms hold valuable, in-depth information for your family
    • The main website is generally designed for families not yet enrolled in Enlightium
      • The main website is more simplified to help families interested in Enlightium to make an informed decision concerning enrollment
      • Information on the website may include:
        • The admissions process
        • Course descriptions
        • Available discounts
    • The Knowledge Base is designed for families already enrolled in Enlightium
      • The Knowledge Base has a robust search engine to help families quickly search for information on any given topic
      • Information on the knowledge base may include:
        • Staff and faculty contact information
        • How to register for school events
        • Student and parent resources
      • Your family is strongly encouraged to continually explore Enlightium's Knowledge Base

School Calendar: Required to Print

PDF Calendar 

  • Every family should print out a calendar for each student’s work station and for a central location in your home (such as your refrigerator) where it can be easily accessed

Google Calendar - Recommended 

  • Gmail users can sync with Enlightium’s Google Calendar
  • This calendar provides a daily check-in email from Enlightium and the ability to search for school events
  • Enlightium's Google Calendar has over 1,000 users!

Set yourself up for success: Families who print out multiple calendars are typically aware of Ignitia down days.

Direct Message in Ignitia: Required Between Students and Enlightium

  • Administration, faculty, and staff may send direct messages to students through Ignitia, the online learning platform
  • These messages may be reminders of school events such as the end of the quarter and holiday breaks
  • Parents are encouraged to review direct messages to best support their students

SMS Text To Parents: Available to Parents

  • Enlightium administration will occasionally send text reminders concerning important dates and information
  • The texts typically lead to a Knowledge Base page with more information
  • The software used by Enlightium for text does not allow texting to international numbers
  • Available to parents only

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