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Class Technologies (Grades 3-5)

Class is a software designed to enhance the experiences of students and teachers in an online synchronous learning environment. This program is created to work in conjunction with Zoom to add additional features for teachers to manage their classrooms and for students to engage more deeply with their instructors. All students in grades 3-12 in premium packages (Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Live) who engage with teachers via Zoom should also have the Class application installed for an optimal learning experience.

If students have not yet been able to download the application, they will still be able to access live sessions with their teachers and other students; however, the class will appear only as a standard Zoom session rather than the enhanced version.

Getting Started

Every student needing to use Class will receive an invitation link via an Ignitia message prior to their weekly live sessions or individual tutoring. This invitation will guide students through downloading the application on whichever device they are using (e.g laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet, etc.). Additionally, students can download the application by going to https://enlightiumacademy.class.com and pressing "Download".

After the initial download, students will need to install the Class application by: 

  1. Opening the Class Installation Wizard
  2. Reading and accepting the terms in the license agreement
  3. Providing their username and organization:
    1. Username: Student’s first and last name
    2. Organization: Enlightium Academy
  4. Signing into an official Zoom account

*Please note that you do not need to sign into a Zoom account in order to join a class. If you do not have an account, you may simply press, “Join a Class” and enter the appropriate meeting ID and password, if applicable.

Joining a Class

When joining a Zoom meeting, students have four different options to choose from:

  1. Students can join the teacher’s Zoom meeting by clicking on the link that was shared via Ignitia, Smore, or email.
    1. After opening the link that was sent, students will have the option to launch the Class app or download the Class app in order to join the meeting.
  2. Students can join the teacher’s Zoom meeting by opening the Class app on their device and entering the Meeting ID and necessary password as well as their self-created username.
  3. Students can join the teacher’s Zoom meeting by opening the Class app on their device and using the link provided by the app’s push notification reminders.
  4. Students can join Class sessions by finding them in their Class Schedule.
    1. Within the app, open the “Class Schedule” window
    2. Select the class you want to join, and press “Join”
Navigating Class Sessions

During a Class session, students have many of the same options they had before, such as:

  1. Sending chats; for more information, click here and select the “Chat” tab at the top of the page.
    1. On the left-hand side, simply press “Chat” to open current chats as well as to create new ones.
  2. Screen sharing (if enabled by the teacher). This option can be found in the middle of the screen at the bottom.
  3. Sending reactions; for more information, click here and select the “Raise Hand and Feedback” tab at the top of the page.
    1. There are a few extra options included beyond what’s built into the Zoom application.

Students are also able to use features not previously included in the Zoom application, such as:

  1. Student Tools
    1. Depending on the class, the Student Tools section may contain a syllabus, applicable Livebinder or Smore pages, as well as any activities that the class is working on together.
  2. Classroom Activities; click here and select “Take an Assessment/Quiz/Test” or “Take a Poll” to learn more.

    1. During their lessons, teachers may choose to create activities for the students to complete that may include pop-quizzes, polls, collaborative writing activities, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Class?

Class is a software that serves as an overlay for the typical Zoom meeting setup that enhances it with features to optimize learning. Among other instructional features, Class allows teachers to have greater command over their classrooms, thus enhancing student focus, participation, and retention.

Why is Class being added for Enlightium’s students?

Class presents many benefits for synchronous instruction, including a teacher/instructor view, classroom setup, improved polling, other interactive elements, and a more user-friendly interface to simplify the experience for students. Additionally, Class incorporates additional classroom management features which are not typically available within an online format.

Do students have to have Class downloaded in order to join Zoom meetings?

No. The Zoom meetings will still be available to students who have not downloaded the Class application. However, the user experience will be that of a standard Zoom user, rather than the enhanced experience through Class.

Do students have to have their own Zoom account in order to use Class?

Yes. Students need to be signed into a free Zoom account in order to utilize Class.

What devices can access Class?

In short, any device that can use Zoom (Mac, Windows, Android, iPadOS, Chromebook, etc.) can access Class. Please note: Apple mobile devices are not currently supported by Class.

How do I access Class?

Students are added to Class by their instructors and/or administrators. Students can download the Class application by using the invitation links sent via email from the course’s instructor or by navigating to https://enlightiumacademy.class.com and downloading the application.

Where can I find additional support?

Class Technologies has a knowledge base specifically for the Class application. If you are still unable to find an answer to your question, please reach out to class@enlightiumacademy.com

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