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Early Peak at the 2021-2022 School Year

Happy New Year from Enlightium Academy! We are excited to announce that re-enrollment for the 2021–2022 school year will be open in early January. An early re-enrollment provides the largest discounts we offer, and you can even reserve a spot for your student without making an initial payment. While you wait for the next school year’s registration, please review this email to learn about new developments for the upcoming school year.

To help you plan ahead, the 20212022 calendar is already available to download or print! This upcoming school year, we will follow a traditional school calendar with a start date late in August and the last day early in June. This change allows us to better balance the days in each semester with school work, provide more time off for families, and have additional days for students to catch up on schoolwork.

First Semester Survey Results

Our team recently conducted a survey of our students and their parents to see how the first half of 2020–2021 has gone. We are excited to share some of the feedback we received.

First Semester Achievements:

  1. Over 770,000 assignments were graded during the first semester. Grading scores averaged 89% and improved across all grade levels. Notably, students spent on average 35 minutes per assignment.
  2. Returning students spent about three minutes more on average per assignment and scored approximately 3% higher on quizzes and tests than new students.
  3. Overall, 94% of students stated that the Christian curriculum helped them develop a better understanding of who God is. 
  4. Importantly, 94% of students stated that they are becoming a more independent learner and 84% stated that their teachers care about them and not just about their academic performance.
  5. The number of students enrolling into summer school has decreased by 14% compared to this same time last year (2019–2020). 
  6. 79% of projects were completed within three weeks of opening the assignment and took on average a total of 82 minutes to complete. 
  7. Over 5,500 live sessions were conducted via Zoom, totaling 765,000 meeting minutes!

Student Feedback about Teachers:

  1. “I appreciate all of my teachers because they are always doing the most that they can to help me succeed. They help me to not give up because they don't give up.”
  2. “I appreciate my teacher Mr. Suk because even though the work is challenging at times, I know that this is because he wants to bring out the best in his students.” 
  3. “What I appreciate about my teacher Mrs. Burke is that she tries to get to know her students. I appreciate this because as students we like teachers that try to relate to us, making this a big confidence booster.” 
  4. “I appreciated how Mr. Olson really took the time to appreciate what I turned in. I also felt that Mr. Robertson really did care about my learning.”
  5. “Mrs. Kosoff and Mrs. Chun are very patient, helpful, and kind. They encourage me to do better and help me in my areas of trouble. They are understanding when I get frustrated with my assignments and they never lose their cool. I really like the project videos that they provide to help me when I don't have the proper supplies. Thank you!”

Parent Feedback:

  1. Parents expressed that the onboarding process was overall clear and that the most helpful resource was the knowledge base
  2. 73% of parents agreed that they would benefit from supplemental resources that help them encourage and motivate their students.
  3. Despite some technical difficulties with Ignitia in September, about 30% of families had to reach out to technical support only once or twice, while 58% never did. 

There was also helpful constructive feedback that will be taken into serious consideration. We will reach out as appropriate based on survey submissions and we want to thank you for your partnership in equipping the next generation. 

Improvements and Developments

We are happy to share with you the ongoing developments and improvements you have been seeing and can expect to see in the upcoming school year.

Curriculum Improvements and Additions:

  1. We are continually updating and improving the existing curriculum based on parents’ and students’ feedback.
  2. Some courses, such as State History, will be receiving major overhauls just in time for the new school year in order to reflect more recent history in your state.
  3. We are continually aligning the curriculum to our Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs).
  4. New resources provided during the 2020-2021 school year, such as the Project Forecasts, have been well-received by our families and will continue to be fine-tuned.
  5. Course surveys will now be assigned within the Ignitia curriculum to aid in the continual development of each class and teaching quality.

Add-On Program Developments:

  1. We are working to establish a partnership with an acting company to offer live, virtual acting classes. Students will earn credit at Enlightium while improving their skills for the screen or the stage.
  2. Premium World electives are now available with reduced prices! Students in grades 3-12 can choose from Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and more! Students in grades 9-12 have the additional options of choosing Koine Greek and American Sign Language.
  3. Students can receive an instrument and take online music lessons through Care2Rock’s partnership with Enlightium. Students may choose from 100+ instruments with experienced music teachers.
  4. The Mission Program provides students with an opportunity to discover and experience the essential truths, values, and skills necessary for living out their Christian faith in today’s world.
  5. The AIMS and Bridge Programs have evolved into the Intervention Program which provides three tiers of support for students with varying needs. 
  6. Prek-12th grade students have access to IXL.com, an online learning platform that creates personalized instruction for students based on their areas of deficiency. It is available through the Intervention Program or can be purchased at discounted rates per request.
  7. Primary school students have access to supplemental learning platforms like ABCmouse and Generation Genius. It was offered as a courtesy when curriculum shipping delays were common, but will continue to be available at discounted rates. 

New and Improved Social Opportunities:

  1. We are planning to host our live Graduation Ceremony and picnic for the current school year in Spokane, Washington on June 11th with health and safety precautions in place. The graduation event is open to currently enrolled seniors, high school students, and their families! Watch previous years’ ceremonies and open table discussions for inspiration and to get advice from graduating seniors and their parents.
  2. New Student Social Opportunities will be added for the upcoming school year. We will send all students a survey after the 2021-2022 school year begins for you to let our team know which social activities you want!

Other Developments to Support Students and Parents:

  1. During the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, the Enlightium administration increased the amount of teachers and staff proportionally to meet the growth needs in our commitment to continue providing the service and support that you have appreciated. Next, we are in the early stages of developing a new support system to enhance student motivation through parental training and collaboration.
  2. In the meantime, we are finalizing an Enlightium app, which will serve as a new community platform and information portal for parents to connect with each other, update information online, look up solution articles, and request support through submitting tickets or chatting with our team. Students will still log into Ignitia through laptop or desktop browsers.
  3. Our Progress Department notices have been updated to be more clear and reader-friendly. They also include more specific information about your student's average score for each assignment type (lesson, quiz, test, and project). 

Dissertation Summary

Thank you to all the parents who participated in Enlightium’s founder Elena V. Solodyankin’s dissertation, and congratulations to Elena on receiving her doctorate degree of Philosophy in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University! 

The dissertation findings provided valuable insights into online Christian education:

  1. It is critical for students' success that parents check on their work weekly, even after their first year enrolled at Enlightium.
  2. Enlightium students are becoming independent learners within a year of enrollment.
  3. One of the main benefits of Enlightium is that students learn to value a Christian education as they study Bible lessons, participate in Bible studies, and learn from the curriculum that is based on a biblical worldview. 
  4. In general, students at Enlightium spend about half as much time working on schoolwork than at their previous school.
  5. It was confirmed that self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making are the key benefits that parents see in their children within a year or so of enrollment at Enlightium.
  6. At Enlightium, parents, teachers, and support staff play key roles in a student's holistic development (academically, spiritually, and psychologically). 
  7. Parents value Enlightium’s infrastructure and caring support which equips them with the skills needed to support their students at home. 

Dr. Solodyankin’s dissertation (which is 300 pages, excluding references and appendices) was made possible with Enlightium’s team support and parental participation. The insights will serve in equipping both Enlightium and parents to help students succeed in years to come. The dissertation will be made public in April of 2021 and can be shared with parents upon request. If interested, send an email to Dr. Solodyankin at admin@enlightiumacademy.com.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have general questions about re-enrollment or would like help deciding which package is right for your needs and budget, respond to this email or give us a call at 866-488-4818. If you have any unresolved concerns about this or the upcoming school year, please let us know by submitting the feedback form to our administration and we will follow up with you.

What Discounts Are Available?

Enlightium is offering a 35% discount if you prepay the tuition or an extended 12-month payment plan if you make your first monthly payment in June of 2021. Note that these discounts cannot be combined with other discounts and have not yet been made available on Enlightium’s website. You can select these discounts on the re-enrollment form which will be made available in early January.

What’s Next?

Be on the lookout for an email with further details on enrolling your student for the 2021-2022 school year. The email will include a pre-filled re-enrollment link to make this process quick and easy; no initial payment is required to reserve your spot by submitting the form.

While you wait for this email, click here to take a few minutes to review our current tuition packages to see what is right for your student.


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