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Family Alliance Policy

Welcome to the Enlightium Academy Facebook Family Alliance Group! 

The purpose of this policy is to create an opportunity for Enlightium Academy families to have a platform where parents within the Enlightium Academy community can ask questions, seek guidance and support from other parents, and encourage one another. At the same time, it is Enlighitum’s responsibility to ensure our Family Alliance group maintains its group purposes, posting questionable sources, advertising other ideas that conflict with Enlightium’s vision and mission and the statement of faith, or advertising other schools or sources. This is why the Enlightium Academy is monitoring posts for all benefits and protection.

This group is available to:

  • Enlightium team members, primarily administrators
  • The parents of currently enrolled students
  • Student council members
  • Parents who are considering enrolling their students at Enlightium

This group is used by the Enlightium team to:

  • Remind of events such as quarter-end dates
  • Provide new and existing resources
  • Address any questions or concerns families may have
  • Anything else as needed

This group is used by parents to:

  • Ask questions relating to enrollment at Enlightium
    • Academics
    • Curriculum 
    • Best homeschool practices
    • Online learning 
    • Graduation
    • Technical support
    • General support
  • Provide academic tips or encouragement to other Enlightium families
  • Share photos or videos of their student’s achievements, first day of school, etc.
  • Make connections with other Enlightium families and/or the Enlightium team
  • Request advice from the Enlightium team or other Enlightium families regarding their children’s education

Please avoid the following types of posts, comments, and photos, which may be removed at the Enlightium team’s discretion:

  • Content unrelated to Enlightium Academy (including, but not limited to, non-Enlightium events, political posts, etc.)
  • Sales or product endorsements (except with written permission from an Enlightium administrator)
  • Content conflicting with Enlightium’s Statement of Faith
  • Content outside the parameters of shared foundational Christian doctrine and biblical values.

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