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Open House Videos

2020-2021 Open House Video

  • Meet the administration team, counselors, and faculty!
  • Learn about school events and resources
  • Set up the right expectations for the school year
  • Click here to watch - 25 minutes

Live Question and Answer Sessions

  • Primary School recording (grades PreK-2) - 45 minutes
  • Elementary and Middle School recording (grades 3-8) - 1 hour
  • High School recording (grades 9-12) 50 minutes
    • Note: during the high school open house a parent provided great feedback concerning a third-party technology used during the previous year. The admin team assisted the family following the open house and edited the question out of the final video as the technology issue discussed has been resolved. Our team absolutely appreciates the family's input and requests that feedback for administration be submitted through the Feedback Form.

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