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Community Service during COVID-19 Stay Home Directive

With our nationwide directive to “Stay Home and Stay Safe”, it is important that we still reach out through virtual means to connect with each other and our communities especially as we are called by Jesus to be the Salt and the Light. Matthew 5:13-16

You will find many suggestions to help you follow the Lord’s call and fulfill your community service graduation requirements. Also, to help ease the anxiety that students may be feeling while considering completing their community service goal, we will waive up to two hours of service for this year.

  1. Reach out to your friends and or family and lead a discussion about a Bible verse over Duo, Zoom or Facetime.

  2. Say “Thank you” to your parent(s) or family members and let them know you appreciate them.

  3. Help your parent(s) clean your house without being asked.

  4. Create your own coupon and hand them out to a family member. Then when they cash in the coupon, complete the task they choose.

  5. Write letters to send to military members serving our country. You can provide the letters to  Keystone Soldiers for distribution.

  6. If you know how to crochet, do some lap blankets for the people in a nursing home. Do not deliver them until after the Stay Home directive has been lifted. 

  7. When grocery shopping, pick up a few items for your elderly neighbors….of course at no charge.

  8. Contact your local health and human services office and ask to speak with a volunteer coordinator. Find out what services you can provide and complete those services.

  9. If you live in an apartment building use Clorox wipes (or something similar) to wipe down railings, light switches, doorknobs, and other commonly touched surfaces.  

  10. Walk the pet of a disabled or elderly.

  11. Organize a Meal Train for those with a newborn baby or a sick child.

  12. Contact a nursing home and ask for their general email. You can then write an encouraging note, make a video of you singing, reading, or praying. Ask the nursing home employees to distribute the email to the residents.

  13. If you have a neighbor who is elderly, disabled, or ill, offer to take that person’s trash can to the curb on collection days. After the trash is picked up, take the can back to its regular spot.

  14. Send a note to someone you know who is having a difficult time or an elderly person in your neighborhood who is alone, and let them know someone is thinking of them.

  15. If you get the newspaper delivered to you and you can read it in the morning, pass it on to another neighbor or an elderly person who may enjoy it after you. 

  16. Clean out your closet! Gather clothing and other items you no longer use to donate to charities that can use them or donation centers that employ people to sell them.

Study and donate at the same time! freerice.com/ lets you play fun learning games while also donating rice to people in third-world countries.

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