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Spotlight: Horizon Temptation

Emma F., United Kingdom

People lie for poetry. So, There are many quotes about horizons, many of which are fake.

Because they are so great, they say to broaden it, even though you will fail.

Because you are lost they say to find it, even though you never will.

You are “just stuck,” so they say ” change it,“the thing is, you have no talent, you’re stuck. 

You will never be able to reach it, you will always be where you are.

You will never reach your horizon no matter what. So, just give up on making it.

You will never make it. Think about that. Isn’t that a stress relief?

Feels good, doesn’t it, to give up. The metaphor of life, useless words to sponsor dreams.

That’s my advice, kid. Don’t buy into something so simple as a line. Lines are false hope, 

and disappointing. Large constructs are generally simplified into a beautiful image, like lines.

Lines are nice to read in poetry. Don’t get me wrong, though, it is still all meaningless.

They are smart to give hope; it is a genius idea. Hope's sold many books throughout history.

Funny, it’s all for the dough. Saying, “ Horizons can be different;” gets a pretty penny today.

Dreams are stupid, changing as you turn older. Pick a path already, because

you change directions like the wind.  North, south. This, that. Right, left. Up, down.

Hot, cold. Plus, minus. East, west. Really, I could go on all day.

So. Many. Stinkin’. Horizons. All different. Seriously, I have whiplash.

It is exhausting. You say,“ Viewpoint changes horizons.” How do you have them?

You say,“ Sometimes, it will be your journey to look beyond.” What does that even mean?

I do not understand that at all,“ look beyond what you see,” You can only see so far. 

I’m confused. “ Even if it means you have to turn around,” and we are back to indecisive.

Just so you know, maybe, your horizon is blocked by an ocean, that means give up too.

Things are there, deep and deadly waters threaten to take you down. Down you will go.

That is just a fact. Never watch Disney.  “Keep moving forward”is stupid. *cough*

Meet the Robinsons *cough* Walt Disney is just like those poets I told you about.

There is a reason darkness can cause many to lose sight of their horizon. Because #Truth:

“Good” always ruins my plans.  The thing is, it does not really matter.

Light casts shadows. Light illuminates the good, but I’m still there.

The light tries even when the dark is loud. How is beyond me.

So, go ahead. Try. Keep sight of the light, and see where it goes.

Look at the sky and keep sight on your horizon, you will fail.

No matter how hard you try, wherever it may go, It will not work. So, have fun.

I will wait because you think it is where you need to be. Give into it…like every other fool.

“I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.”

Proverbs 4:11

There will be powers that want to keep you from following your path; don’t let them stop you.

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