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Spotlight: Sword

Riley O., Texas

A pencil scratched at the paper

A masterpiece has been made

A splendid sword etched on the parchment

As if you could pull the sword out

A hammer hits the scorching metal

It strikes again and again

The ringing is as the song of metal

The song of a forge

 The forge where the sword would be crafted

The sword would be my finest work

It will someday be a real sword

For this sword is not real nor is the forge

It is all the craftings of my conscience

It was all a dream

    In this poem, I am forging a sword in my dreams. This represents me dreaming of my future, my future as a swordsmith, my future as an art teacher, my future as a wife and mother. In the first stanza, I am drawing a sword, which represents me planning my life and writing down my hopes and dreams. The second stanza is talking about me forging the sword, this represents the hard work it will take to accomplish my goals in life. And the third and last stanza is when the sword is done, but it was all a dream. This represents that even if all of this was just a dream they are still my goals and I will just have to work extra hard to make them a reality someday in the future. Someday I will become a swordsmith, someday I will become an art teacher, someday I will be a wife and mother because my life is mine to command.

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