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Spotlight: The New Beginnings

Isabella D., Namibia, Africa

Over the hill, cars gleam in the sunlight,

Where the bride, arm linked  with her father’s,

Walks down the road in radiant white, 

To where her love waits in anxious delight: 

A new beginning.

I walk through the once empty house, where here,

The baby’s arms reach out in search of her gentle touch.

Quietly she lays drinking, and for a moment,

All's right with the world:

A new beginning.

I see them through the window, hand in hand, looking up at the bright signs,

Where giggling children try to draw between the lines.

Finely, her grip loosens to pick up the books.

She disappears through the bright yellow doors:

A new beginning.

I can see a tear streak her cheek,

Where hands were once entwined, now, there is only a quick hug then goodbye.

Her baby runs into what seems like a mountain,

A professor stands, preparing the class’s first lecture:

A new beginning.

Here she is again, the white dress and the waiting groom;

And try as she might, there remains one faint hint of fright.

Then she feels her daughter’s hand in her own, and stares into her big, green eyes,

Where fear falls away, and all’s right with the world:

A new beginning.

Enlightium Academy is proud of the writing our students do and wants to give them the chance to publish their work. All Enlightium students in grades 7–12 are invited to submit their writing through the Spotlight Program. Every month, one piece of student work will be chosen to be published. Check out our main page on the Spotlight Program for more details.

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