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Spotlight: Moonwalk

Essala B., California


    “Daddy?” The little voice said.

    “Yes sweetheart?”

    “I miss mommy. Why did she leave?”

The man gave a sad sigh as one tear fell to the ground. He looked up and said “I know you miss her. I miss her too. But Mommy is not that far away. She’s watching us and praying for us every day.”

    “Where is she?” Said the little girl,

    “She’s up there, in the sky.” He replied, trying not to make it too confusing for the six year old.

    “But… you can’t live in the sky. You would fall down and down! What if she’s on the moon?”

The father smiled, deciding to let the girl keep imagining. “Maybe she is on the moon.” He gave a low chuckle.


    “Mother Hen to NightHawk, come in!” No answer.

    “Mother Hen to Nighthawk, I repeat, come in!” Silence.

The young woman ignored the pleas for communication. She opened the hatch and walked out. Looking around, she felt as if she could touch the stars, like she tried to do when she was little. She looked out to the earth. So many miles away, like a green and blue dot. Here she was, so many miles  away from life. And yet, she was not lonely as she said, “Well Mom, here I am. Ever since that night, I have wanted to come here. And who knows? I may see you soon here, or somewhere else.” With that, the young woman took one last look around her, said her goodnight prayers, went back into the ship, and took off her helmet.

The End

Enlightium Academy is proud of the writing our students do and wants to give them the chance to publish their work. All Enlightium students in grades 7–12 are invited to submit their writing through the Spotlight Program. Every month, one piece of student work will be chosen to be published. Check out our main page on the Spotlight Program for more details.

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