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Spotlight: Thanks Is All We Can Give

Nina F., Texas

Thanks is all we can give,

for our God is why we live the life we live.

Stories are shared around the table

with a loving family, who is willing and able.


To cut the turkey and pack it with stuffing,

if it weren't for Thanksgiving, our stomachs would be filled with nothing.

We pray and then we eat.

If one is too full, he might even sleep.


Memories are made with each thing that we say.

Laughs are shared while the kids go outside to play.

I know one will never forget a good Thanksgiving Day.

All of the wishes are for Thanksgiving to stay. 


When it is all over, one may miss the time,

when good food is cooked and the sun shined.

It's the little things that make this day so amazing,

but in the end, it's not just the food we are craving.  

Enlightium Academy is proud of the writing our students do and wants to give them the chance to publish their work. All Enlightium students in grades 7–12 are invited to submit their writing through the Spotlight Program. Every month, one piece of student work will be chosen to be published. Check out our main page on the Spotlight Program for more details.

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