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Spotlight: Dear Future Me

Emma F., England

A letter to the future me:

I hope this finds you well.

I hope you put on the kettle for tea.

I hope you hear church bells.


I hope you learned to chase your dreams.

I hope you make it to every sea.

I hope you feel what true joy means.

I hope you look past how life may be.


I hope you finally see the light.

I hope you always seek the truth.

I hope you strive to do what's right.

I hope you remember me-your youth.


For future me,

who I do not know,

I hope you agree,

that we should continue to grow.


You and I will learn to fly.

We will never touch the ground;

for, soaring high up in the sky

is where we are homebound.


This is a letter from your predecessor,

and I have said plenty.

This letter could go on forever,

but the kettle is probably ready.

I will finish it off with one last desire.

One last thing for us to achieve.

Never forget who is higher.

Just remember: always believe.

Enlightium Academy is proud of the writing our students do and wants to give them the chance to publish their work. All Enlightium students in grades 7–12 are invited to submit their writing through the Spotlight Program. Every month, one piece of student work will be chosen to be published. Check out our main page on the Spotlight Program for more details.

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