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Spotlight: The Most Natural Way

Gabriela G., Colombia


Since I was fifteen I have been taking pictures at several events, both inside and outside of church. I have always felt comfortable with my camera, and I feel that I can show everybody who I am. I don’t use it much, but I have always known that God gave me this talent, and every time I grab a camera the Holy Spirit gives me the ability to take pictures.

The model in this picture is one of my dearest friends. I took this picture for my first photography course. It was a practice of portrait photography. I love this type of photography, because you are supposed to show in a picture who the person in front of the lens is. She loves books. She was actually reading these books and was really fascinated with them.

Portrait photography is about revealing a person’s personality in the most natural way. And that is what I did. In this type of photography, not only making a beautiful picture is important, but also you have to transmit what the person is feeling. That is why when you see an image sometimes it moves your heart. A photographer's purpose is to move hearts, open eyes, and change life with one single picture.

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