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ActivTrak is a resource parents can use to monitor their child’s activity remotely. Regular screenshots can be taken, websites can be blocked, all for free. In some cases, such software may be required when student work needs to be verified, but it is always recommended, to provide additional accountability, reduce temptation, and help manage time to reduce distractions.

  1. Login to the computer you wish to install ActiveTrak:

  2. Go to ActivTrak.com and create an account.
  3. Once, logged in, click “Download ActivTrak Agent”:

  4. After downloading, open and install the file. To uninstall it, simply run the installation program again.

  5. Then you will want to go back to the website, open the left sidebar menu, and click “blocking, then click “Add Domains”

  6. Block brainly.com, answers.yahoo.com, and quizzlet.com

  7. Click “Apply”

  8. Then go to the left sidebar menu and click “Reports” to view the activity duration on each website.

  9. You can click View Activity or the Screenshots

  10. If you run out of storage, you can click “View Activity” and delete all logs and screenshots

  11. You can also click “Top Applications” in the Reports sidebar drop down menu to view the time spent on computer applications.

  12. Alarms may also be set.

  13. Create your own alarm based on specific websites, or turn on default ones. In the Edit section, you can set which emails receive the notices.

  14. You can also turn off screenshots at the bottom of this page:

  15. Finally, you can click “RealTime” and click the Screenshot icon to see screenshots in real time.

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