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Does Enlightium Use Common Core?

What is Common Core?

  • Common Core is a set of standards, not curriculum. This means that Common Core typically states what the outcomes should be and not how students arrive there. 
  • However, when Common Core was implemented many textbook companies took the opportunity to reprint their textbooks and sometimes introduce some new methods of problem-solving in math.

Does Enlightium Align to Common Core Standards?

  • No, Enlightium does not align to Common Core standards. 
  • For a curriculum to be perfectly aligned to Common Core, the writers would have to start with the Common Core standards and then write the curriculum. 
  • The curriculum used by Enlightium Academy was first written long before Common Core existed and has been updated slowly over the years. 
  • However, this does not mean that the curriculum does not occasionally contain a concept taught in a different way and students may even sometimes encounter a concept that has been connected with the Common Core standards.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize their teachers. If they encounter an unusual method that they are struggling to understand, they should reach out to the teacher for more help. Typically, the teacher is not so concerned with the method of solving unless they foresee the method needing to be used in a later concept.


  • If a family believes that Enlightium should remove a particular method because it causes confusion, we would love to hear specifics. Please email curriculum@enlightiumacademy.com to provide your feedback on the curriculum.

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