Enlightium Academy Support

Pinnacle Christian School Co-Op (Weatherford, Texas)

Students enrolled at Enlightium Academy can participate in the Pinnacle Co-Op.

Address: 111 W Ranch Ln, Weatherford, TX 76088

Available to: Any Enlightium Academy student in the Weatherford area.

Pinnacle Contact: (817)350-4850

Website: https://www.pinnaclechristian.org/ 

Why Pinnacle?

  • Faith-Based Mission & Biblical World View
    • “Our purpose is to provide a non-profit, college-preparatory partnership school that is committed to developing confident student leaders of character that are equipped and prepared to make a difference for Christ.”
  • Local Community with a Heart for Students
    • Access to our Weatherford campus on Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • Student-centered environment with an uplifting and engaging atmosphere
    • Small class size (10-16 students)
    • Weekly Bible study/chapel with focus on character development
    • Opportunities for leadership
    • Community service hours for participation in service and mission projects
    • Focus on building and cultivating authentic Christ-honoring friendships
    • Committed to encouraging, challenging and motivating students to take risks and reach their potential
    • Opportunities for students to work collaboratively and build community
    • Academic support, assistance and accountability on campus
    • Opportunities for collaborative group projects to develop life skills
    • Social opportunities and outings outside of class based on student interest
    • Educational field trips
    • Opportunities to participate in on-site elective courses
    • Academic clubs and teams based on student interest (i.e. debate, robotics, etc)
    • End of year awards & graduation ceremony
    • On-site tutoring available

Why Enlightium?

  • Faith-Based Mission & Biblical Worldview 
    • “The heart of the mission at Enlightium Academy is to bring glory to God in all we do, serve Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, and share the gospel with students through our Bible-based curriculum and Christian teachers.” 
  • Accredited & Qualified 
    • Dually accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools, Int.) and AdvancED 
    • Recognized as an innovator in homeschool & online learning by AdvancED 
    • Member of National Merit and Honor Society (NHS) 
    • Approved by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 
    • o Approved by College Board for Advanced Placement (AP) 
    • Diploma and certified transcripts available upon graduation 
    • Utilizes the proven and innovative Ignitia Curriculum known for its relevant and dynamic media-rich platform and lessons 
  • Flexible & Affordable 
    • Broad range of specialized courses available including nursing, architecture, web design, engineering, software development, entrepreneurship, business law, world languages, digital media and more 
    • Off-line elective credit available for involvement in extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama etc. 
    • Teacher support is included and available 8:00-4:00 M-F (PST), but students are able to choose the hours they utilize to complete course work 
    • Full Tuition including attendance at Pinnacle Christian School est. $2,800* (*some courses including A/P, some world languages and Bridge services may be extra) 
  • Personalized 
    • Standard, Honors, Dual-Enrollment and AP classes available 
    • Bridge Program for struggling students 
    • Counseling services included providing college & career guidance, assistance with college admittance, FAFSA/scholarship guidance and PSAT, SAT, ACT and other testing requirements 
    • Certified, specialized and experienced teachers on staff, many with advanced degrees who work individually with each student

Why a Hybrid High School?

  • Effective
    • Research indicates the hybrid (blended) model demonstrates improved learning outcomes over other methods (traditional or online)
      • Higher test scores in hybrid schools compared to traditional and purely online learning according to numerous studies
      • U.S. Dept. of Education study in 2013: Scores in hybrid Algebra 1 ‘nearly doubled’ as compared to traditional classroom model (Education Week, June 20, 2013)
      • U.S.C. Hybrid High School targeting at-risk youth, has finished its first four years with numerous positive results of its first term: 100% 4-year college acceptance with ACT test results, A/P involvement and other academic factors that far surpass district averages
      • Hybrid model is currently widely implemented and utilized in universities and colleges. Traditional high schools (including some of our local public and private schools) are implementing hybrid classes
    • The top reason that students leave purely on-line programs is the lack of social opportunities and interaction, which is remedied by blending online learning with interaction and support at the local campus
    • Students graduating from hybrid schools are better prepared for the adjustments of college. Students enter college already accustomed to self-directed learning and manage the increased freedom with fewer problems
  • Flexible & Affordable
    • Provides the flexibility of homeschooling coupled with the accountability, support and social opportunities of a local campus
    • Requires a smaller time-commitment from parents than traditional homeschooling – full support is provided to students from online and local campus teachers
    • Cost is a fraction of traditional private school
  • Quality
    • Academics provided through top online programs on par with large, prestigious traditional schools. Online schools provide highly qualified teachers who are experts in their subject areas, provide a broad range of college-preparatory course options, and some options with opportunities for participation in A/P, dual credit and honors programs.
    • Online programs often provide the accreditation that assures eligibility in post-high school plans

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