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What is Enlightium Social?

At Enlightium Academy, we recognize that spending time in fellowship with friends and family is a key part to your student's success.

While we look forward to seeing your student grow and thrive both academically and spiritually, we also understand how important it is for your student to have the ability to socialize with his or her peers. That’s why we want to introduce you to Enlightium Social (eSocial).

eSocial is a social medium that functions quite similarly to popular social media outlets such as Facebook. However, eSocial is only accessible by current Enlightium students, staff, and faculty. This creates a way for students to connect with their peers and discuss common interests and hobbies; students are able to create groups to which they can invite other students who share the same passions and form a discussion. eSocial is monitored regularly to ensure that all content posted is honoring to God. Many Enlightium teachers also take part in Enlightium Social, and have groups specific to promoting educational accountability.

How to Register

  1. Register a new account at enlightiumsocial.com/register.
  2. From there, you will be guided through a brief setup to begin your student’s account activation. 
  3. After his or her profile is complete, it will be submitted to an eSocial administrator for approval. 

Please note: the approval process may take 2–3 business days.

How is Enlightium Social Monitored?

We understand that it is important for you to know that your children are using a safe, monitored website, which is why we have several ways of establishing a safe place for students to interact:

  • We ensure that the name and email address used to create the account matches that of a current Enlightium student. If everything matches, the account is approved. If there are any inconsistencies or the person requesting to join eSocial is not a current student, we deny their request to join.
  • Content such as posts and pictures are screened for any inappropriate or questionable material. Any inappropriate or questionable material is removed, and the student is contacted or removed from the platform depending on the severity of the issue. If a student has multiple offenses, he or she will be blocked from Enlightium Social.
  • Multiple employees, both teachers and staff, assist with the screening process.
  • A Student Council Officer also actively monitors content and reports anything questionable to the administrator of the platform.
  • All eSocial users also have the ability to flag any inappropriate or questionable material.
  • When a student leaves Enlightium Academy, their account is deactivated to ensure only current students are on eSocial.

What is the best way for my student to interact on Enlightium Social?

One of the key features that eSocial utilizes is the group function. Each student has the ability to join groups that are led by either students or teachers, ranging from prayer groups to baseball fan groups. Students can also create groups for particular interests, which allows other students with similar interests or hobbies to join.

Student Competitions

The Student Council hosts multiple competitions each year on eSocial for currently enrolled students. More information about competitions can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Johnson at b.johnson@enlightiumacademy.com.


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