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Student Dress Code for Events

 Student Dress Code at Enlightium Academy Sponsored Events:

The principles behind the dress code include:

  1. Our dress should help develop Christian character and reflect our separation from the world (2 Cor. 6:14-7:1, 1 Tim. 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:3-4). A dress code can help parents teach a child to exercise the self-restraint needed to accept standards that are adopted for the welfare of the school community. Ask yourself: Is my dress modest, promoting moral purity? Does it overemphasize the “outer person” versus the “inner person”?
  2. Our dress should support our witness to the world. We are ambassadors of Christ (2 Cor. 5:14-20, 1 Peter 2:12). Ask yourself: Does my dress support our Christian testimony of a changed, God-focused heart, and could it encourage others toward Him?
  3. Our dress should maintain the distinction between the sexes, recognizing that masculinity and femininity are beautiful, God-given gifts. (Gen. 1:27, 1 Cor. 6:9-10).
  4. Our dress should strengthen the sense of community among us (1 Cor. 8:9, Phil.2:1-4).
  5. Clothing that is functional, attractive, modest, and neat is our standard. Faddish, sensual, or unduly attention-getting clothing are not acceptable.This also includes tight-fitting, baggy, oversized, or clothing made of see-through material, as well as conspicuously dirty, frayed, or torn.

Appearance at School or Sponsored Events:

  • Hair may not be of unnatural color (ex. pink, purple, etc.) or style. Modesty is the key.
  • Makeup must be modest with no overly trendy colors or styles.
  • No tattoos or facial piercings may be visible (nose piercings, etc.). Girls may have pierced ears and wear small, nondescript earrings.

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