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Reading Program Overview

Enlightium Academy students have the opportunity to earn extra credit by writing field trip reflection essays or by submitting book reports as part of our Reading Program.


Reading Program


Reading is an excellent tool that will help you to increase your vocabulary, memory capacity and more. You can choose any book(s) from the Recommended Reading List to qualify for the extra credit. Public libraries usually have the books on the list to read so it's a good idea to bring the list with you when visiting the library.


If students read books in their grade level from the Recommended Reading List, they can earn up to 3% extra credit in a course for each quarter. If a student submits a book report for each quarter, the combined increase will be 3% for the final grade. Each book has a point value assigned to it, as listed in the Recommended Reading List. Students can read books totaling five points or more per quarter for the opportunity to receive extra credit for that quarter. A 3% increase can substantially raise a student’s grade; for example, a student at an 89% (B+) can have his or her grade raised to a 92% (A).


During a quarter, students should type each essay after they complete a book. At the end of the quarter, please email the essays to m.ferguson@enlightiumacademy.com with the subject line: “[Student Name] Enlightium Reading Program”.


The Enlightium Reading Program is a pass/fail system; students will not receive extra credit if the work was plagiarized or if they do not fulfill the requirements as listed above. Students cannot combine extra credit opportunities for one course during a quarter. For example, students cannot receive twice as much extra credit for the first quarter of English if they submit book reports and complete any other extra credit opportunities for that course.


For each book, the student needs to fill out the Reading Program Form and submit an essay. Each essay must meet the following requirements:

  • Discuss the plot of the book

  • Discuss what you learned from the book

  • Typed in a Word document (using Times New Roman and size 12 font) or in the body of an email

  • Write an essay that follows grade-level appropriate length, grammar, and formatting expectations:

    • PreK–2nd grade: at least 50 words

    • Grade 3–5: at least a 150-word essay; the essay must consist of at least three paragraphs, including an introduction, at least one body paragraph with details, and a conclusion

    • Grade 6–8: at least a 300-word essay; the essay must consist of at least four paragraphs, including an introduction, at least two body paragraphs with details, and a conclusion

    • Grade 9–12: at least a 500-word essay; the essay must consist of at least five paragraphs, including an introduction, at least three body paragraphs with details, and a conclusion

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