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Speech Meet Examples

Students may choose between various categories and topics, including: poetry, bible memorization, fable and folklore, patriotic oration, or dramatic bible prose.

Bible Memorization

The student begins with a brief introduction that includes stating the Scripture reference and the Bible version. No other introduction is required. The student will then recite the Scripture, following it with a concluding explanation (in his or her own words) of one or two sentences. As the student prepares, adult help may be necessary to explain the passage, but the student must express the meaning in his or her own words, not those of the adult. Facial and vocal expressions and good speech techniques should be evident. Gestures are not required, and only minimal natural speaking gestures are appropriate. The presentation is not to be dramatized.


Students must begin their presentations by announcing the title and author. No further explanation is necessary. Students should make the poem come alive through facial and vocal expressions. The entire presentation must be memorized.

Fable and Folklore

Students must begin their presentations by announcing the title, author, or source of the story (Aesop, etc.), and moral application (can be given at the beginning or the end) or introductory information regarding the selection. The entire presentation must be memorized.

Dramatic Bible Prose

All presentations must begin with an introduction. The introduction shall include the title and scripture address from which the story is found. This category is for the dramatic presentation of a Bible story, in the form of a speech or an interpretation, but it is not to be acted out as in a play. The student is not to walk about. The presentation is given by one student, working alone. No costume or prop is permitted. The student should make the selection come alive by mentally becoming a part of the story. The entire presentation, including an introduction of the title, must be memorized.

Original Speech

Entries for the original speech category must be written and presented by one student. The speech should be at least 300 words and not more than 500 words in length. The student should announce both the speech topic and the speech title, as well as the fact that it is an original speech. An original speech entered in this category is a persuasive, informative, or inspirational essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body should contain two to five points.


Patriotic Oration


This category is for patriotic material written by or presented by famous persons. All presentations must begin with an introduction consisting of two to three sentences. The introduction should include the title and some background information regarding the time or circumstance surrounding the speech. The background does not have to be original material by the student.

Speech Meet

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