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Math Olympics

What are the Math Olympics?

  • Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) is partnering with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to provide students in grades 3–8 who have been recognized as top performers in mathematical computation and reasoning the opportunity to compete with their peers from around the nation. 
  • Enlightium participants are nominated by their math teacher based on performance during the first semester. 
  • Nominated students will join a remote session with an Enlightium math teacher during the first week of March and test their abilities in either Computation or Mathematical Reasoning.

Academic Prerequisites

To register for the Math Olympics, a student must: 

  • Must have at least a C or higher in their math course

Technical Requirements

To register for the Math Olympics, a student must: 

  1. Be able to use Zoom.us on their computer; PCs and Macs tend to work well with Zoom.us 
  2. Have an external webcam, not a webcam that is built into the computer. The testing teacher will need to monitor the student and Enlightium teachers found that students who use an external webcam were better able to do so 
    1. You can find an example of an external webcam here
  3. Be able to print the testing sheets ahead of testing days; Enlightium teachers found that there were fewer issues when students wrote their answers on an official test sheet than by scrap paper.

Testing Days Requirements

On the testing days, students will need: 

  1. A computer to access the tests 
  2. Paper and pencil 
  3. An adult (typically a parent or guardian) to ensure honest behavior 
    1. ACSI requires two adults monitor the student during test-taking; this is fulfilled through an Enlightium teacher and the adult present with the student 
  4. A method to turn in the solutions. This can be done either by a scanner or by taking a picture with your phone. 
    1. After the test, the solutions must be emailed to the testing teacher.

Math Olympics Contact

Ms. Mittler
Math Teacher

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