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For continued enrollment at Enlightium Academy, each student is expected to maintain good standing: passing grades in core subjects and staying up-to-date with the assigned weekly schedule.

Students with failing grades in core classes and/or those who fall behind more than two weeks on average between all classes, without excused absences, are at risk of being placed on academic or low progress probation. This is to alert families of the risk that their student will not be able to complete the school year on time and/or with passing grades, and thus may need a summer school extension, class assignment adjustments, or teacher and counselor intervention. The interventions may include enrolling in EA’s Bridge Program, academic growth plan adjustment by the student’s counselor, teacher collaboration on student learning needs, and/or the installation of monitoring software on the students computer to provide added accountability and uncover any potential distractions the student may have.

Students who do not demonstrate improvement or sufficient effort after multiple attempts may be recommended for withdrawal so the family can find a learning environment that better suits the student.

Prior to enrollment, parents and students will also need to read and understand the Parent and Student Responsibilities. Absences may be excused per approval via the Absence Form. Please contact the EA team if you have any questions at (866) 488-4818 // option 8 or support@enlightiumacademy.com.

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