Enlightium Academy Support

Academic Intervention Measures and Support (AIMS)

Available for Grades 3–12

The AIMS program was developed from Enlightium’s acknowledgment of the restrictive laws that govern educational funding for students with academic challenges and our desire to support the needs of our students by providing academic interventions and accommodations without a Resident District ISP. Enlightium accepts diagnostic documentation and doctor’s letters of recommendation from parents. Parents are a member of our team when creating Academic Intervention Measures and Support (AIMS) for their student.

Parents are welcome to invite the student and anyone that is working directly with the student (i.e. therapists, tutors, psychologists, doctors, etc) to the meeting. A Release of Sensitive Information Form must be signed and on file prior to the meeting if an invitation is extended to someone other than the parent.

In order to develop an AIMS plan to support the success of the student, Enlightium will host a virtual meeting with the following representatives and resources:

  • Diagnostic documentation provided by parents
  • Enlightium teachers' best practices
  • Enlightium Student Support Specialist’s proficiency in specialized support
  • Enlightium Principal's expertise in the used curriculum
  • The student’s Enlightium counselor's background knowledge
  • The AIMS/504/ISP Coordinator’s knowledge of how to best support students with Academic, Cognitive, Intellectual, Learning, and/or Health challenges

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